FideliSys' loyalty programmes are all custom tailored to your business' needs, and are designed to work alongside and integrate seamlessly with your existing setups.

FideliSys Basics

FideliSys is designed to integrate with your existing systems completely unobtrusively. This can include interfacing with your app and/or website to provide users with up-to-date loyalty information, and integrating with your enterprise systems to capture purchase details (in order to apply rewards to customers).

No special development is required - FideliSys has already developed powerful APIs to perform this integration quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

FideliSys name and branding does not appear anywhere within the customer-facing systems, ensuring no confusion on the part of the customer. For loyalty coalitions, information about the various partners and points acquisition is readily available for both the customer and participating businesses.

Features & Technical Highlights

Below are several key features of FideliSys' loyalty systems. View a full list here.

  • Provides valuable analytics and information about customer purchase details, frequency, and other metrics.
  • Flexible and customizable programme types, including spending-based, points-based, and volume-based.
  • Easy to use admin system to manage and view all of your loyalty programme's information and options.
  • Available for both individual businesses or groups of businesses, or as a common platform for a suit of existing programs.

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