Ideal for single businesses or a coalition of loyalty partners

We support all types and sizes of businesses.

Whether you're an independent company looking to establish your own loyalty rewards, or working alongside a coalition of loyalty partners, FideliSys has your solution. Our loyalty systems are completely customizable and tailored to your business' size, customer base, and needs.

Accommodates all types of loyalty programs

FideliSys accommodates all types of loyalty setups.

FideliSys offers many options for how users can accumulate rewards, as well as how they can redeem them, so you can choose the system that works best for your customers. Programme options include:

  • Spending amount based
  • Points systems
  • Transaction volume based

Able to handle all sorts of expiry rules

Have complete control over your rewards and how they're used with customizable expiry rules.

Create your own custom rules based on your business' needs - including the duration that points or rewards are available, how and when they can be redeemed, and more. For example:

  • If no change in loyalty occurs within X days, existing credits are cancelled.
  • Points/transactions expire if not used within a certain time period - including date received, membership anniversary, or a fixed date
  • A combination of the above options.

Handles intra-coalition point transfers and net payables

Stay in balance with FideliSys' net payables tracking.

Ensure all businesses in your loyalty coalition benefit equally with FideliSys' ability to track balances and payables across all partners.

Create a common platform for a suite of existing programmes, or a single unified platform

Manage all your loyalty options from a single platform.

FideliSys can unite existing loyalty programmes or and serve as a common platform - allowing you to manage them all from a single place, and take advantage of FideliSys' powerful tools.

Powerful APIs available to you

Integrate FideliSys seamlessly into customer-facing technology.

FideliSys' core features are available to you via API, which can be easily integrated into new or existing apps, websites, or other technology. These can be used to track customer purchases, display rewards or transaction history to the customer, and much more.

Can interface with enterprise systems to capture customer purchase details

FideliSys' APIs allow it to integrate with your existing enterprise systems to capture customer transactions and purchases to apply loyalty rewards accordingly - whether they shop online or in-store.

Ability to create flexible tier-based rewards

Tier-based rewards allow you to specially reward your most loyal customers - and give others the incentive to spend more. Your tiers, their requirements, and their rewards are all completely customizable. You can also view which a list of users and which tier they have reached if you'd like to extend special offers to these users.

Affiliate organizations

FideliSys supports integration with several types of affiliate organizations:

  • Third-party suppliers of products/services with whom points can be redeemed to acquire their products.
  • Third-party suppliers whose products/services (when purchased) trigger addition of points for the customer.

Customer loyalty information available at a glance

All loyalty information, - such as current tier or points - for each customer is available to you, allowing you to extend special offers to loyal customers, or to use alongside other analytics.

Quickly Find Participating Locations

Your customers will never have to look far in order to find a participating location.

  • Search feature allows users to quickly find a specific store based on name or address.
  • Advanced filter feature lets users view certain types of businesses that they may be interested.
  • Map view shows users the nearest locations that support your loyalty rewards.

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